Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Explanation: Round Two

Up and down, back and forth
That's how I must seem
Why does it look like I say
Things I don't mean?

That's not what I wanted
I want to be real
I want to express
What I really feel

I'm not perfect
Though I try to be
I try to hide flaws
Where no one can see

When people get closer
I push them away
I tell them to go
When I want them to stay

And that's what I did
But I still want you near
This must sound like an excuse
You may not want to hear

But bear with me
I've been through a lot
I'm a work in progress
And its harder than I thought

And it scares me
That I want to let you in
If you give me a chance
I won't do it again

We'll start as friends
And then see it through
Clean slate
We'll just call it "round two"

What Is He Thinking? : Part II

So, what is he thinking?
I could just ask
But then I'd have to get over my past
And shelf my mask
Hmmm... what a task..
Alright fine, mask aside

Will you show me yours
If I show you mine?