Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

As I Rant...

Let's get personal for a minute y'all. See, I've had one or two things on my mind lately. This is one though that I want to get off my chest and I think this is the perfect place to say it. Anyone who wants to read it can, without it being directed to anyone in particular.

For those of you who don't know, I am different. I'm unlike anyone else you've ever encountered, dated, spoken to, and the list goes on. I don't think like the typical woman (if there is such a thing). I don't act like her, I don't speak like her, I don't relate to others like her, I don't present myself the way she does. I don't play her games, I don't use her tricks, I don't accept what she accepts, I don't reject what she rejects. Period. I am not her.

See, I know that lots of women claim to be different from other women but considering how annoyed I am with the ways of the typical woman I can guarantee that I am not her. In fact, I loath her. She sends a bad message to men about the rest of us. Gold-digging, dominating, loud, manipulative, moody, temperamental, superficial, confused, and confusing. That's how they see us because of her.

What frustrates me however is that because I am an obvious member of the female race it is automatically assumed that I can be treated like the typical woman and that's cool. Nuh uh homie.

I hate games. Don't play 'em. I hate lines. Don't say 'em. If I say no, there's a reason. If I say wait, it's for a season. Don't need a papi homie, I'm grown. If I show no interest, leave me alone. If you ignore me, I'll let you go. I don't beg attention, just so you know. When I love, I love deep. So I got no patience for men who creep. Moving forward I aim high. Get on my level or don't apply. It ain't that hard to be with me. Just go deeper than what you see. Those who love me, are those who know me. If you want me, then baby show me. I can leave you wanting more, just leave the B.S at the door. I won't put up with it my dear. The average woman isn't here.

I'm just sick of the B.S y'all. You don't need a show and fanfare. You don't need a hot car. You don't need to buy me a damn thing. All you gotta do is be sincere and be you. If you're not real with me, I will find you out. There's no escaping it. Treat me how you want me to treat you. To mess up (past a certain point) is to miss out. I won't fight you. You don't have to want me but damn, if you do don't screw around. Cuz if it's over, it' over. I don't backtrack. I learn my lesson and move on. Now I'm just venting.. geez. If you want me, act like it. If you don't then DON'T! I cannot stress this enough. ARGH.. lemmy stop.. cuz this has the potential to go on for an eternity and a half.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The New Unstoppable Records

Definitely worth the listen!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jekyll & Hyde


A simple enough concept... though we often forget it has more than one side.

On the one hand we see its fluidity.. its relativity.. there have been theories written on the subject.

Cuz really lets look at it. Time can be given. Time can be spent. Time can be shared. Time can be spared. Time can be wasted. Time can be savored.

Time is lost, time is borrowed, time is squandered... Time is begged for.

Time is too slow when you're in pain. Too slow when you're waiting for a blessing, a change, a sign, a person you miss. It's too slow when anticipating a touch, a kind word, a kiss...

Time is too fast when you get what you've waited for. When your blessing is being poured out, when the pain subsides, when the change is happening, when the sign is playing out, when you see that person again. In those times, no touch is long enough. Kind words end too quickly. Each kiss is too brief.

Yes, time is fluid... but we seem to forget its other side. It's unyielding, unforgiving, unchanging, immovable nature. We forget its rigidity. Time is no respecter of persons.. it will not bend in its course..

Time is like the surf on the mountain's face... it wears away.. it erodes, until memories and experiences fade. We forget how much we cared.. we forget how disappointed we were.. we forget how much we shared... Time heals all wounds only because it washes them away... it smooths them down until all scars are erased.

Time doesn't halt for anyone... under any circumstance.. So, that blessing won't last forever, that change will be forgotten, the sign will fade, the person will leave you. Your skin will forget the warmth of the touch, your ears will forget the sound of his voice, your lips will forget the sweetness of his kiss.. and it's because time steals it... it passes along and tares bits and pieces of us as it goes on its way..

Before you know it, it's like every good thing you got never came. Shared moments never happened. Conversations never transpired. Feelings never manifested. Secrets never brought to the light. Hearts and desires never exposed.

See, time is as merciful as it is unyielding... as cruel as it is kind.. it is its own polar opposite... The worlds greatest oxymoron.. The supreme contradiction. A living, breathing, Jekyll and Hyde...