Monday, September 21, 2009

King Midas

I dub thee King Midas
For it all turns to gold
When graced by your touch
What a sight to behold
His presence astounds me
His countenance, grand
Beauty overflows
At every move of his hand
He is not boastful
Neither flaunty nor proud
Yet in modest perfection
He can silence a crowd
He pours forth his talent
Oh so lavishly
And I become precious
When he touches me
Each pluck is a symphony
Every brushstroke, masterpiece
And each scratch of his pen
Brings us both to our knees
No uncertainty surrounds him
Every action, tried and true
And he calls me Queen Midas
Because, he is gold too
My King, yes my Midas
You turn me to gold
When graced by your touch
I'm your sight to behold

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Future

I've been begging and praying for changes in my life for quite sometime now. At the beginning I wasn't ready for the answer to be yes. God had to let me know what I was really asking first, so that I would fully understand what would take place.

Over the course of the following years He's been revealing just that. It's been a ride! An amazing ride. With every step I have felt more and more at peace with my past. There was so much I didn't remember, so much I didn't understand.

Now I know where I come from. I know the causes of all my virtues and flaws alike. I understand why I am the way I am and how not to become what I fear.

So here I stand, at the threshold of my future. All the preparations have been made for me to get what I've always wanted. The pieces are all laid out, waiting for me. I'd given up hope so many times in the past. I'd lowered my standards and deemed myself unworthy of my requests. But now, at the end of it all, I have the potential to get all that I asked for. All that I desired. All that I wept for, and more.

Is it strange that now that it looks like I'll get it all, I hesitate? I'm nervous. I'm not afraid, just nervous. Has my time really come? Will my answer really be yes? Finally? And if so, what comes next?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

To: The Ladies of YouTube

and everyone else for that matter

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random Raxxie Facts: Volume 2

I get more accomplished when more is expected from me. If ever I find myself in a high pressure situation where I have many tasks to accomplish in a very short period of time.. that's where I shine. Weird huh?

I work infinitely better under sick amounts of pressure. Strange? Yes! Unhealthy? Likely! Stupid? Without a doubt! Do I care? Not so much.. It works, and who am I to mess with a good thing?

Hello All

I've been slacking lately when it comes to this blog.. I've lost a follower or two (likely because of this) and needless to say I'm not thrilled!

So, I make a vow to have interesting things to say on a more regular basis from now on. Especially when I leave home and go back to school. I always accomplish more when more when I'm at school.

So yessssss..... tell your friends. =)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MJ and My Silence

I've been relatively silent on the topic of MJ and his passing. Cyberspace has been clogged, it seems, with updates and condolences...

I am a HUGE MJ fan! I adored the man. But everything that could be said, has been said. I mourned his passing as many others did.

My interest now is to see how the world on a whole will react to his death. How will he be remembered? How will his estate be divided? What will happen to his children? To his debts? To his record sales?

We shall see...

Saturday, June 27, 2009