Monday, March 16, 2009

Which Way To Go...

There's a place I wanna get to, but I don't know the way. It's a wonderful place though, that's what people say. I'm packed and ready to leave here today, and go. So, does anyone know the way to go?

I'm told when you get there, joy fills your soul. The wonder and majesty is such a sight to behold, with gardens and rivers and beauty untold. So, does anyone know which way to go?

What place is this place, what is its name? This place is called love, nowhere's quite the same. It's a place to go back to again and again but first you must find it. So, does anyone know which way to go?

I've been there before but I've been there alone. It's not quite so lovely when there on your own. I wish someone told me then I would've known. Its dark there when its just you, you spin in circles not knowing what to do. You fret and wonder if "love" is really true. Because alone it's not much fun. Then when you hear its name you're tempted to run, run away from the feeling before its begun, again. Again, yes it happens again, the pain because you can't refrain not once you've been there. Yepp, you go back again. So, does anyone know which way to go?

See, I haven't been there in awhile. It's been quite some time since it stole my smile. And hey, I've forgotten the way, but I pray that starting today I can say, Now! Now is my time. I'll find my way without dollar or dime. Trusting God will provide, I'll rely on Him cuz He's on my side, come high or low tide. Someone'll meet me there. God'll send someone who cares. Someone to share my time with.
So, does anyone know which way to go?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What's in a name?

What's in a name? For a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. At least that's how the saying goes.. and I for one see the truth in it.

Because you, by any other name, would still make me smile, make me shiver, make me sigh.

You'd still make me laugh, make me wonder, make me dream.

You'd still build me up, hold me close, take my breath away.

You'd still stroke my hair, hold my hands, kiss my lips.

You'd still be my friend, my love, my all.

You'd still make me praise God for you, count each day as a blessing, wish each moment would never end.

You'd still stimulate my mind, stimulate my body, stimulate my soul.

You'd still make me want you, make me need you, make me love you.

You'd still seek me, pursue me, find me.

You'd still push me, encourage me, support me.

You'd still love me, cherish me, never let me go... because even nameless you'd still be you!

So I dedicate this to you.. my rose by any other name.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Girl Jazmine...

I love this girl! Her songs are so real. The emotions are so raw and on the surface.

She does however ask an interesting question. Why do we love, love when love seems to hate us?

I think I have an answer to that question, to some degree. It's in our nature to seek love. Why? Because it's worth it, supposedly.

As skeptical and cynical as we may be on the subject.. innately we believe that it's worth it in the end. So we seek. In our seeking we (usually) get burned more often than not which is discouraging to say the least. But still we seek.

I am not familiar with the merit of seeking love as I am yet to experience the search being worth it, but I am told that it is. If even for a brief moment in time, the knowledge that you are free to love and be loved is worth it, according to my sources.

I've been in love before, but I've been there alone.. but that's a poem for a different date.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random Raxxie Facts: Volume 1

Parts of my personality are decidedly male...

1. I can easily use up my daily quotient of spoken words before evening and thus am left with no desire to converse further. Because of this fact, I say "Uh Huh" a lot but contribute little to the conversation. I also am nowhere to be found, as to escape from other women who want nothing more than to talk about random crap!

2. Because of number 1 it is very easy to determine why I have such a deep loathing for the telephone. If I talk to you on the phone for more than a minute (at most) then either you are doing most of the talking or I REALLY LIKE YOU!